ALTIUS Communications and Blue Bolt Networks have partnered to bring leading edge but economical back haul solution!

Blue Bolt offers 5 GHz OFDM/ dual pole integrated antenna links

Blue Bolt Networks' wireless Point-to-Point links are the ideal solution for rural broadband builds or enterprise building connectivity.  The 5 GHz OFDM based all outdoor radio is targeting the growing demands for data transmission over microwave radio. IPLink 58300 is the perfect building block for any modern future proof wireless network, including rural service providers, fixed data service operators, enterprise customers, municipal and governmental networks among others.

Blue Bolt offers "Try and Buy" Programs for the IPLink 58300 

IP-Link 58300 is primarily designed for IP networks and provides fast ethernet interface with capacities up to 300Mbps. In addition to that, IPLink 300 comes in two forms factors, the high gain 27db integrated antenna and the smaller form factor 19db antenna that measure just 8 inches square.  Blue Bolt is so sure you will be impressed with the overall value you recieve, they will ship you a link today and you are free to return it within 30 days, no questions asked!

 ¡ IP Link 58300 is an excellent choice to backhaul traffic from all ethernet point to multi point networks.  The superior value of these links will allow you to upgrade bandwidth dramatically at the same price of your current lower bandwidth links.

¡ The IP Link 58300A with 27db integrated dual pole antennas is just $3,550.00 per link and the smaller IP Link 58300B is just $2,750.00 per link!

¡ The links are capable of switching from 5.8GHz to 5.2GHz on the fly.  This can be a huge advantage in the event of congested spectrum.

BLue Bolt Networks backs the product with a 3 year warranty.

The IP Link 300 systems are intended for Ethernet backbone applications.  Leading technology with up to 64QAM modulation and 40MHz channel bandwidth allows high capacity throughput up to 300 Mbps.  3 year Warranty included with price.

 ¡  Put us to the test today!  We have stock and will support you 100% of the way!

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¡  3 Year Warranty--Install and operate before you buy!  Nothing to lose-higher speeds to Gain!

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