ZDA Antennas - 900 MHz Yagi

If you're a Wireless ISP using the 900 MHz band, you know it's your best chance to get those tough to reach customers. You also know how frustrating it is to have to walk away from that business and tell that customer you will be unable to serve them. The ZDA 900 MHz Yagi antenna is the absolute best option out there to retain and obtain these tough to reach customers.

Most Robust Design
ZDA Utilized a square tube design that is more stable and secure than the round tube design used by most manufacturers. They also incorporate a double U-Bolt mounting bracket which is far superior to the 1 U-Bolt design and will keep the antenna safely in place for the life of the connection.

Customer Testimonial
"We had been using the M2 Yagi antennas for over 2 years. We were generally happy with their performance but did not like them mechanically. The mount is flimsy and this often caused the antenna to sag over time. When we tried the ZDA 17 db Yagi we liked what we saw right out of the box. The sturdy square tube design looked 100% more sturdy than M2's round pipe design and the double U-bolt mount actually held the antenna in place like it should. We ran some head to head tests against the 17db M2 to make sure we were getting what we needed and discovered that the ZDA antenna actually spec'ed 2 Db better than the M2. In a nutshell, they're built better, they perform better and they're less expensive."

Best Price
The ZDA 900 MHz Yagi's are available in 17 db, 14db & 11 db, please call us for a quote. They are generally $10-15 less expensive than the major competitors in this market. They are priced even more aggresivley when purchased in conjunction with Motorola Canopy 900 Mg SM's.






ALTIUS Expands Wireless Testing Lab

ALTIUS is pleased to announce we have expanded one of our most innovative services that enables real-time testing of equipment for evaluation purposes. ALTIUS has tower sites in Maryland and Kentucky that have equipment from multiple manufacturers in multiple frequencies. These tower sites feature equipment from Motorola Canopy, Blue Bolt Networks, Alvarion, Redline and SAF. Customers can use this service to determine which equipment best meets their needs as well as test general equipment features. We have 3.65 GHz base stations from both Motorola and Redline available for testing as well as outdoor and indoor CPE options. You can test the robustness of the Motorola PTP series of back haul links against the economical value of the Blue Bolt Networks back haul products. We also have gear from Motorola Canopy mounted on these towers in the 900, 2.4, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands. Lastly, if licensed back haul is where you think you need to be, we have an SAF 18 GHz link with 2 ft dishes available for your review. Please call our sales department to set up a tour and testing day if you are interested.

ALTIUS Communications and Blue Bolt Networks Partner for New Back Haul Solution

Wireless Back Haul has never been easier with the new Blue Bolt Networks Point to Point 5 GHz Un-Licensed Solutions. Call or email today and ask for info on our "No Risk" guarantee Eval Link.

Blue Bolt's wireless broadband Point-to-Point product is a low-cost fixed un-licensed outdoor distribution and access solution that delivers fast, affordable connectivity in a variety of environments and applications. With speeds up to 300 Mbps and the ability to switch from 5.2 -5.8 GHz on the fly, you cannot go wrong here! OFDM and the Dual Pole antenna design allow for long distances and NLOS applications.

Low Cost Infrastructure. Because the IP Link 58300 is optimized for fixed outdoor applications, infrastructure costs are kept to a minimum. The simple but robust design make for a high performance, rugged and economical solution.

Rapid Deployment. Installation of the IP Link 58300 is quick and simple, with all-outdoor integrated radios and standards-based chipsets, yielding a faster time to market, lower costs and excellent return on investment.

Un-Licensed Spectrum. The fixed outdoor IP Link 58300 solution is designed to allow service providers around the globe to combine reliability and speed with an overall low total cost of ownership. The IP-Link 300 delivers low-cost, high-performance solutions for operators in two different form factors, the 27 db long distance solution that is 14" x 14" square and the more compact 19 db version which is 8"x8" square and is perfect when being low profile is important to the overall project.

The Blue Bolt IP Link 300 Series delivers throughput of up to 300 Mbps based on its underlying OFDM technology and MIMO antenna technology. This high-end throughput supports today's most promising sources for increased productivity and improved revenue generation: popular new bandwidth-intensive applications such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video surveillance, high-speed internet access, multiple voice connections, and many more.

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