ALTIUS Communications and Cambium Networks Proudly Announce the RDB 45350

Ruggedized 4G Wireless Broadband Solutions

Based on proven WiMAX 802.16e technology, the Cambium RDB 350 is a ruggedized, flexible and cost-effective rapidly deployable broadband (RDB) solution that delivers high-speed fixed and mobile communications whenever and wherever your forces need them.

Operating in licensed U.S. Federal Military and NATO band IV (4.4 - 5.0 GHz) frequencies, the Cambium RDB 350 is a light infrastructure, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) commu¬nications solution that combines exceptional performance, reliability and affordability. Ruggedized for military and government missions, the RDB 350 is tested to stringent U.S. and international performance and ruggedness standards, including MIL-STD-810G. The system delivers efficient, effective voice, data and video communications in a variety of permanent, temporary and mobile applications.

The Cambium RDB 350 system is a total solution, including RDB 45350 connector¬ized access points, connectorized RDB 45350 remote modules, external power-over- Ethernet power supply, ruggedized GPS synchronization module, omnior directional antennas and optional RADIUS AAA server and Wireless Manager EMS.

Temporary and Tatical Installations
The Cambium RDB 350 is designed for optimum flexibility in deploying tactical wireless broadband networks in environments from battlefield to test range to hurricane-ravaged shoreline.

Enhanced Security
Secure communications for the RDB 350 are assured through WiMAX standard over-the-air 128-bit AES encryption. For higher security, the system is interoperable with external bulk encryptors.

Mobile Convoy Connectivity
The RDB 350 is a ruggedized COTS light infrastructure solution based on proven, industry standard IEEE 802.16e.  Through its WiMAX technology, the Cambium RDB 350 offers high-speed, high-reliability mobile connectivity, enabling voice, data and video feeds to be sent to every vehicle in the convoy.

Wireline Network Replacement
As fiber and copper wire networks become more difficult and expensive to install and extend, and as monthly leased line costs keep rising, many base CIOs are turning to the Cambium RDB 350 as an alternative to - or replacement for - wireline technology.

Satellite/LAN Extension
The RDB 350 also functions as an extension to a satellite network, such as in an encampment or temporary location with primary backhaul through a satellite link.

Superior RF Performance
The RDB 350 enables long-range connections of up to 25 miles (40 km), even in harsh RF environments with near-line-of-sight (nLOS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions.

Base and Garrison  Communications
On post, the RDB 350 is a powerful communications solution for implementing I3MP and other initiatives.

Light Infrastructure
The RDB platform is easy to deploy because it is a completely integrated outdoor solution that doesn't require any core network components.

Spectral Efficiency
The RDB 350 offers some of the best spectral efficiency and link budget available in a single integrated radio, enabling it to deliver high data rates yet use minimal amounts of spectrum. The system delivers throughput of up to 45 Mbps aggregate and up to 15 Mbps uplink in a 10 MHz channel.

Built for Rugged Military Applications and Environments
Designed and validated for 40-year mean time between failure, the RDB 350 has an operating temperature range of -40° F to +140° F (-40° C to +60° C). It is IP-68-compliant for dust and water intrusion, ROHS/ WEEE-compliant and certified for MIL-STD-810G.

Whether you need a high speed tactical communications network on the artillery range, in live-fire exercises or on location in-theater, the RDB 350 is built to withstand the kinds of extreme weather and usage conditions your forces often face.


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