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Alvarion is a premier provider of solutions based on Point-to-Multipoint (PMP), Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), a technology essential to the growth of broadband markets. Created through the merger of BreezeCOM and Floware, the Company supplies integrated BWA solutions to telecom carriers, service providers and enterprises all over the world.

Andrew Corporation is the world's premier provider of complete RF subsystem solutions for evolving global communications. They are a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of communications equipment systems and services. Their products and services provide proven solutions for wireless, fixed-line, broadband service providers and broadcasters throughout the world.

AWB - Accton Wireless
AWB is committed to developing cutting-edge WiMAX and wireless broadband products fixed and mobile solutions that enables next generation broadband-centric anytime, anywhere access including a good variety of IEEE802.16e-2005 compliant WiMAX Integrated Access Device (IAD) incorporating Ethernet, voice telephony and Wi-Fi technology as well as WiMAX mobile network cards in diverse connection interfaces. AWB offers a good variety of carrier-class WiMAX CPEs to meet different market requirements by implementing various ASIC solutions. All products are designed with the highest standard in energy consumption, thermal management, and weatherproof specifications to achieve high stability and performance of carrier-grade telecommunication needs.

Blue Bolt Networks
Blue Bolt designs and builds microwave radio systems for internet connectivity with high quality and low cost as our primary goals. The company's mission is to help expand the digital footprint across all areas of the world that are bandwidth and technology starved. We are committed to expanding broadband adoption in these un-served and underserved areas by providing technology at the greatest overall value.

BridgeWave gigabit point-to-point wireless links provide fiber-equivalent connections between locations by transmitting data over highly secure 60GHz & 80GHz (E-Band) radio frequencies at gigabit and Fast Ethernet speeds with the advantage of add/drop data ports, and optional wire-speed AES encryption built-in.

The Canopy system, Cambium Networks' innovative wireless broadband solution, is the ideal technology for developing, enhancing and extending advanced broadband networks and services - and for making delivery of high-demand technologies (like broadband Internet access, voice over IP, video services, security surveillance and E1/T1 capabilities) both much quicker and much less expensive.

Ceragon's FibeAir® product family is a breakthrough in the wireless point-to-point market, combining spectral and hardware efficiency, modularity, flexibility and upgradeability in a single, compact 1U system. Their uniquely designed intelligent network elements operate across multiple frequencies, support integrated ultra high-capacity services over SDH/SONET, ATM and IP networks, and offer innovative built-in add/drop multiplexing and encryption functionality.

DragonWave Inc. is a leading innovator in high capacity broadband wireless networking systems for network operations and service providers. Since its founding in 2000, the company has achieved customer recognition for quality, innovation, and technical advances in delivering wireless point-to-point networks for the transport of data, voice and video communication systems, including comprehensive service and support. Their products meet the demands of a wide range of applications as well as delivering a value proposition that enables operators and service providers an "invest as you grow" capability that leverages profitable growth.

Mars Antennas & RF Systems LTD.
MARS Antennas specializes in providing customized antenna technology and RF solutions, from design to production. MARS has unsurpassed expertise in developing and manufacturing a wide span of products and solutions for WLL, In-Building Cellular, PCS, AVL, GPS and highly demanding, military applications.

PureWave Networks has developed the PureWave Quantum Base Station product family of high performance, outdoor Mobile WiMAX Base Stations. These products deliver the coverage and capacity of a Macro Base Station, in a compact form factor. This unique cost/size/performance combination results in a significantly lower CAPEX/OPEX, which makes PureWave Quantum Base Stations attractive to any type of operator, from large mobile service providers to small Wireless ISPs (WISPs), in rural, suburban and dense urban areas. PureWave Network's fully open, 802.16e compliant, architecture prevents vendor lock-in and provides carriers with the freedom of choice. It allows customers to assemble a "best of breed" solution and to select other components from the broad WiMAX ecosystem

Radio Waves offers a diverse range of reliable and innovative microwave antennas. Microwave and broadband wireless antennas are available for Point-to-Point, unlicensed ISM, UNII, 802.11 Wi-Fi & 802.16 WiMax broadband wireless bands at 2.4, 3.5 and 5 GHz, LMDS, Point-to-Multipoint and broadcast microwave applications.

Redline Communications is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of standards-based broadband wireless access solutions. Using industry leading OFDM technologies, Redline’s award-winning products provide unmatched high capacity and non-line-of-sight capabilities with proven performance, reliability and security. Ideal for a variety of access, backhaul and private network applications, Redline products meet the needs of carriers, service providers and enterprises worldwide.

SAF Tehnika provides affordable IP-based, PDH and SDH Data Microwave Solutions. SAF wireless systems are commonly used for both public and private networks and they are perfect for voice and data communications. Equipment supports different types of traffic like E/T1, Ethernet and V.35. All traffic types can be configured in different point-to-point network topologies and protection schemes - due to this network becomes very flexible. IP-based, SDH and PDH equipment is used in backbone networks as well as in mobile backhaul networks. SAF Tehnika wireless systems can be used not only in mountainous and woodland areas, where it is expensive or impossible to deploy wires, but also as cost-effective alternatives to wired solutions in urban areas.

The SnapLink™ product family of IP Radios is easy to install and turn up for data, VoIP and video transport. They use standard 802.3 Ethernet protocol interfaces to provide 54 Mbps (Over The Air) of clear digital IP transport. Because SnapLink™ Radios operate in unlicensed and licensed millimeter bands (20 - 40 GHz), they provide Secure / Interference Free service.

TSi Power
Inverters for converting dc power to ac power with precision automatic voltage regulation and transformer isolation These solid-state, unipolar pulse-width-modulated (PWM) dc to ac inverters are designed to convert +/- 24V and +/- 48V dc power to 115V or 230V ac power with +/-3% output voltage regulation. The XINv dc to ac power inverter series are rack-mountable, and all are for situations requiring a heavy-duty dc to ac inverter approach.

Valere Power
The Valere Compact DC Power System is an industry leading DC power system optimized for the demanding power needs of wireless communications and broadband access equipment. Requiring only 2RU (87.6mm) of rack height, the Compact DC Plant is the modular, flexible solution for a wide range of applications.

Server Technology - 48 VDC Power Management
Control remote sites and minimize the impact of locked-up routers, servers, and other network devices. The Sentry -48 VDC family of Intelligent PDU's verifies voltage at each power input/outlet connection, provides real time recording of current draw and offers environmental monitoring. CLECs, ILECs and ISPs and corporations use the Sentry to manage -48 VDC power control to equipment cabinets in remote sites, co-location facilities and network operations centers.

The Will-Burt Company

The Will-Burt Company designs and manufactures a complete line of standard and custom built telescopic masts using the finest materials, advanced engineering and quality testing to consistently deliver the world's best mobile masts.

Will-Burt's telescopic mast and tower systems provide intelligent solutions to everything from mobile communications to broadcast, cellular and specific custom applications. Reliable and durable, our electro mechanical, pneumatic and galvanized steel towers and trailers allow higher payload capacity without sacrificing speed or performance

ZDA Communications
ZDA Communications, specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of wireless communication antennas. Our extensive range of antennas, within the 144 MHz to 6 GHz spectrum, includes: Flat Panel, Sector, Omni-directional, Yagi, Rubber Duck Antennas. The Broadband and Ultra Wide Band Antennas are ideal for the Wireless, Security, and Civil markets. Our standard antennas can be used for applications including: WiMAX, WLAN; Wi-Fi, Cellular, PCS, RFID, WISP, In-building-wireless coverage, Surveillance and Telemetry applications.

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