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Cambium Networks PTP 800
The Cambium Networks Point-to-Point Licensed Ethernet Microwave solutions PTP 800 operate in the 6, 11, 18, and 23 GHz licensed bands, at up to 368 Mbps throughput (full duplex) and with user-configured channel bandwidths from 7 to 56 MHz. With upgradeable capacity from 10 Mbps to full capacity via software key, the systems offer exceptional cost efficiency and scalability. With its small footprint and split-mount architecture, which includes an outdoor unit (ODU) and a compact modem unit (CMU), the PTP 800 installs quickly and easily.

Dragonwave - AirPair
The AirPair Ethernet radio family provides best-in-class, high capacity wireless connections for synchronous and IP based applications. AirPair delivers a 100/1000BaseTx user network interface to provide committed full duplex data rates from 20-200 Mbps over distances of up to 50 Km (31 mi). The AirPair radio accommodates a variety of International licensed and unlicensed frequency plans including the new 24 GHz unlicensed spectrum.

Ceragon - FibeAir
Ceragon's FibeAir® product family of broadband wireless systems supports multiple capacities, frequencies, modulation schemes and configurations for various network requirements, using the same hardware and state-of-the-art technology. The FibeAir family supports the complete range of frequencies of 6 to 38 GHz and software configurable modulation schemes of 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 QAM with versatile 28-56 MHz bandwidths. Ceragon's radios are upgradeable for capacities of 100 to 622 Mbps, using the same 1U IDU.

CFIP product family is the new next generation product line which is targeting the growing demands for data transmission over microwave radio. Apart from the full system capacity of 366Mbps, it is possible to configure the radio to any of 7 MHz, 14 MHz and 28MHz channel bandwidths as well as to any modulation up to 256QAM, thus providing various capacities to suit particular needs. CFIP is a perfect building block for any modern future proof wireless network, including mobile service providers, fixed data service operators, enterprise customers, municipal and governmental networks among others.

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