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Tower / Mast Systems

ALTIUS offers a broad array of military telescoping masts ranging from heavy-duty vehicle-mounted masts to lightweight, portable field masts. With electro-mechanical, pneumatic or manual deployment designs, our masts provide solutions to elevate antennas, surveillance and target acquisition equipment and elevated testing equipment.

Wireless devices have become a critical component in being able to extend the reach of the core network right to the edge where video, voice and data can be delivered in real time to those that need it most. ALTIUS and its partners deliver a full suite of field installable masts and adjustable accessories that perfect the portable platform for wireless data applications. So whether you're deploying a single access point for a community event, a small multi-node network for emergency response or a several hundred node network for a tactical environment, be sure to see what we've already done and contact us with any questions.

With the recent advances in digital and optical technology, video surveillance systems are also becoming a key component of any security system. New portable cameras that deliver everything from Long and Medium Range Thermal Imaging on the battlefield to feeding real time facial and vehicle recognition & identification are quickly becoming part of the new mobile security platforms being demanded by today's police and military units. Be sure to see how we have been supporting these applications and learn how we can help you today.

ALTIUS has design specialist on staff willing to work with qualified customers to offer no cost initial consultation and design services for even the most challenging applications. We will review your requirements, help determine proper placement and design criteria and then quickly design an initial 3-D mock up for review by your staff, saving you the time and expense. Contact our Specialist Today.

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