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5 Ghz Canopy Equipment

5 Ghz Canopy radios provide wireless broadband at speeds up to 10 Mbps to customers up to 10 miles away. A typical cluster of 6 AP's can support up to 200 subscribers per AP, for a total of 1200 subscribers per cell.

Manufacturer Mfg. P/N Description Add
5200APBC 5.2 Ghz Canopy AP 5200AP
5250APBC 5.2 Ghz Canopy Advantage AP 5250AP
5700APBC 5.7 Ghz Canopy AP 5200SM
5750APBC 5.7 Ghz Canopy Advantage AP
5200SM 5.2 Ghz Canopy SM-5200SM
BP5260SM 5.2 Ghz Canopy SM-Lite 25 Pack
BP5200SM-25 5.2 Ghz Canopy SM 25 Pack
BP5250SM-25 5.2 Ghz Canopy Advantage SM 25 Pack
5700SM 5.7 Ghz Canopy SM 5700SM
5750SM-25 5.7 Ghz Canopy Advantage SM
BP5700SM-25BC 5.7 Ghz Canopy SM-25 PK
BP5760SM 5.7 Ghz Canopy SM-Lite
BP5750-25BC 5.7 Ghz Canopy Advantage SM -25 PacK
TK10252C 5.2 Ghz Canopy Enhanced Demo Kit
TK10257 5.7 Ghz Canopy Enhanced Demo Kit
****Below is for outside United States only****
Manufacturer Mfg. P/N Description Add
5400APBC 5.4 Ghz Canopy AP 5400AP
5400SM 5.4 Ghz Canopy SM 5400SM
BP5400SM-25 5.4 Ghz Canopy SM 5400SMBP-25 PK
BP5460SM-25BC 5.4 Ghz Canopy SM Lite-25 PK
ACPSSW-02 90-230VAC Canopy Power Supply-EU
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