What's Inside

Canopy Accessories

Below you will find the accessories that will help guarantee a successful Canopy deployment. Please call us for anything you do not see on this list..

Manufacturer Mfg. P/N Description Add
ACPS110-03A 110 VAC Canopy Power Supply
SMMB2A Canopy Univ. Mounting Bracket
300SSB Canopy surge suppressor - 300SS
300SS-25 Canopy Surge Suppressor-25 PK
CANOPYMT Canopy Cluster Mount
ACATHS-01 Canopy Alignment Headset
RD-2 Canopy Reflector Dish
ACPS81W-02A 100-240VAC Power Supply for CMM
1070CK CMM Micro 1070CK
CMMGPSCBL10 10 ft GPS Cable for CMM Micro
CMMGPSCBL20 20 Ft GPS cable for CMM Micro
Manufacturer Mfg. P/N Description Add
1-LG 1-1/4" DS style mount-R-1LG
Bushnell 13-7307 Bushnell Binoculars
Rino 120 Garmin Rino 120, GPS/ Radio
WPKIT Univ. Weatherproofing Kit. (6) rolls of premium butyl tape, (2) rolls of 3/4" tape and (1) roll of 2" tape.
EM-RJ-45 8 Pin RJ45 connector 50 micron gold-100PK
7919A Belden 7919A Cat 5 UV Outdoor 100 ft ( For AP Installs)
1594AL Belden 1594A Cat 5 UV Outdoor-1000 ft ( For SM Installs )
Beehive 900StingerH Slip On Stinger Antenna for Moto Canopy
Beehive 900StingerV Slip On Stinger Antenna for Moto Canopy
MA-IS91-T2C 902-928 10 Mg Panel antenna-MARS ( Requires Mount )
MT-2 902-928-Panel Antenna Mount-MT-2-MARS
M2 917ISP 900 Mg M2 Yagi antenna-17 DB
MTI WRO900-115H 900 Mg MTI Omni antenna 11DB -Horz Pol
MFB9157 900 Mg Maxrad Omni Antenna 9 Db-MFB9157 Vert Pol
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